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with Ai Healthcare Marketing

Ai Healthcare Marketing has extensive experience and expertise in crafting comprehensive marketing solutions to elevate a medical spa's brand and business. We were excited to work alongside Dr. Lucie and her team at Luminate to help them overcome their challenges in establishing a strong online presence. With an existing website that lacked search engine optimization (SEO) and a need for a cohesive marketing strategy, Dr. Lucie was in search of solutions to enhance her practice’s visibility and increase patient acquisition.


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So, what was on the marketing plan?

  • Website Development
    including Copywriting

  • Search Engine Optimization
    including Directory Listings

  • Online Advertising Campaign

luminate web pages narrow

So, what was on the marketing plan?

  • Website Development
    including Copywriting

  • Search Engine Optimization
    including Directory Listings

  • Online Advertising Campaign

Client Quick Stats


Aesthetics Clinic

Tulsa, OK

Converted Historical Building




Micah, Owner, Luminate Clinic

“As a medspa, we worked with other companies in the past that really didn't understand our industry, they didn't understand our clients. With Ai Healthcare Marketing, they totally understand the things that we're looking for to be successful and provided excellent input into ways that we can enhance our social media, improve our website, and provide solid, quality leads to help us grow our business even further.”

Laptop and Phone mockup
Laptop and Phone mockup

Digital Makeover

A Complete Overhaul of Luminate's Website

Working with Dr. Lucie during her website creation process was not just productive but a truly delightful experience. Her responsiveness throughout the project was instrumental in shaping the Luminate website's new direction.

Dr. Lucie's initial attempts to shop locally for digital marketing solutions proved frustrating. Many interactions lacked a basic understanding of the needs of a medical website. Dr. Lucie was impressed with Ai Healthcare Marketing's team, whose industry-leading expertise and commitment to responsive collaboration not only met but exceeded her expectations.

"This industry is really competitive - without having a good website and SEO, it is hard to succeed." ~Dr. Lucie

Our skilled Design Team at Ai Healthcare Marketing created a stunning, responsive website optimized for a seamless user experience across all devices and platforms. Meanwhile, our Copywriting Team crafted SEO-rich custom content that effectively captured and conveyed Dr. Lucie's vision.

SEO matters! Look at Our Impressive Results!

0% increase

Organic Traffic
surged by an impressive 30%
in the past three months

0% increase

Brand Recognition
increased by a remarkable 34%
increase in the past three months

Luminate signed up for our basic SEO package, which yielded incredible results!

Understanding SEO and Organic Website Traffic

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a roadmap that helps potential patients find your website. A winning SEO strategy paves the way for people to find your site online organically through search engines.

Our experienced SEO Team uses data-driven strategies to help your website rank well in search engine result pages, increasing organic traffic and online visibility. But what does that mean for a medical aesthetics practice? Increased organic traffic means more potential patients are finding your website through online searches rather than through advertisements or paid promotions.

The recent organic growth is poised to surpass the success of Luminate's initial SEO campaign.

60% Organic Traffic

A solid 60% of Luminate's website engagement stems from organic traffic, highlighting the effectiveness of Ai Healthcare Marketing’s targeted SEO strategies.

Top Performing Keywords

Luminate's top-performing keywords are: "Body sculpting near me," "Dysport near me," and "Sculptra near me."

Strategic Online Advertising Initiatives

Our most basic online advertising package yielded incredible results!
Imagine what a premier package could achieve for your practice!

0 Clicks

0 Impressions

Campaign 1

(September 2022 - March 2023):
Search ads on Google and display ads on Meta
for "Free Med Spa Consultation."

0 Clicks

0 Impressions

Campaign 2

(September 2022 - March 2023):
With an increased budget on Google and Meta, the campaign had a total of 7681 clicks and 288,555 impressions!

"You've got to spend money to make money."
~Dr. Lucie

Online Advertising

Budget Allocations for Optimal Performance

Our online advertising strategy for Luminate leverages the strengths of both Google and Meta display ads, allocating the budget strategically. As each campaign progresses, we continue to refine it, redirecting the budget to the ads that show the most promise and engagement. Our online ad efforts are results-driven, with constant adjustments to maximize the impact and success of each campaign.

Girl holding blank membership card

A Journey of Success

Standing Out in a Competitive Market

Our team has thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Lucie and celebrating the incredible growth Luminate has and continues to achieve. Dr. Lucie has been a team player, providing us with everything we needed to elevate her brand and ensure the success of her marketing campaigns.

Standing out in today's competitive medical aesthetics market can be quite the challenge. Dr. Lucie attributes much of her success to her gorgeous, professional website, our SEO strategies, and the featured positive reviews, which establish trust and credibility. The quality of the website promotes the brand perception of a boutique or high-end medical aesthetics provider, attracting sophisticated clientele who value the practice's offerings. As her online ads and SEO campaigns continue, Dr. Lucie's quality of leads improves day after day, with a marked rise in new patient consultations. 

Our team at Ai Healthcare Marketing is thrilled to see the growth Luminate has achieved, and we are excited to continue providing industry-leading marketing campaigns that deliver exceptional results.

Interested in Growing Your Spa or Medical Aesthetics Practice?

Whether you are an established medical aesthetics practice or starting up your small business, our team at Ai Healthcare Marketing is here to support your marketing efforts every step of the way. Our data-driven marketing solutions and industry-leading expertise will help boost your online presence, attract high-quality leads, and set you apart from your competition. Ready to take your practice to the next level? We invite you to book a free consultation today!

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